We are looking for secondary market medium term notes (MTN).

* Ours Buyers will only consider offers directly issued from seller reps and confirmed by the rep via a direct conference call.

MTN Buyer Criteria:
Type:  Seasoned Cash Backed MTN
Issuing Banks:  Top Rated World Banks

 1% or better…

60 to 85

On euroclear only with dvp settlement,

only D2D and must be trading and screenshot and ISIN

Moody or SP Rating

Settlement: Desk to Desk
Amount: 500M to 50B+
* NOTE: We need a complete offer listing all of this pertinent information for a quick close.
1.  Seller provides offer to include the purchase price, amount available and ISIN (MTN).
2.  Buyer authenticates the instrument.
3.  After authentication, the buyer will request seller desk information to match with one of the buyer’s 17 trade desks.
4.  Principals exchange desk coordinates and settles as agreed.
Please feel free to contact Us directly with any questions or concerns

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