Real Estate Investment


Are you looking to buy or invest in a residential, commercial or future real estate project or just buy a property ?

C.G.I offers you professional help adapted to your needs, at your request.

Through our advisory services, we provide expertise in the following areas :

  • Acquisitions, (Whether if it’s for residential or commercial properties) depending on your portfolio with our expert team and partners.
  • Participation, investment in real estate project, development. 

If you want more, with our experience, CGI can provide you with a broader range of services, without complicating your life, our professional service experts can also work for you in the following areas :

  • Landlord Representation
  • Property Operations and Maintenance
  • Detailed Leasing Budgets
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Administrative service
  • Negotiation and Closing Lease Transactions
  • Monthly Financial Accounting
  • Cash ManagementTaxes, HST, GST, Income Taxes…

C.G.I will help you identify your current and future real estate needs by evaluating financial and economic trends with our experts and partners.

If you have a request and for more information about our consulting and advisory services please contact Us.