Non-Recourse Monetization Loan LTV: 83+2 with owned instruments, 48+2 with leased instruments.

This Private Placement Investment program will issue a fresh cut instrument (BG/SBLC) allowing a 30 day deferred payment with a required .50% down payment deposit. 

The second step is funding the asset with a non-recourse monetization loan to pay for the asset within 20 days.   

We allow to acquire the instrument at a minimum investment and fund that instrument  at a premium.


Instrument Price:

40+2 purchase, 8+2 lease.  The minimum is 10M.  The maximum is 50B.


Non-Recourse Monetization Loan LTV: 

83+2 with owned instruments, 48+2 with leased instruments.  The minimum is 10M.  The maximum is 500M.


*Non-Recourse Monetization Loan: 

The program loans against financial instruments (CD, BG, SBLC, MTN)  deposited in top world commercial banks on a non-recourse basis. 

The minimum acceptable instrument is 10M USD/Euro, the maximum acceptable instrument is 500M USD/Euro.  OWNED AND LEASED INSTRUMENTS ARE ACCEPTABLE!!!  The given LTV is up to 83% for owned instruments and 48% for leased instruments. 

There is no restriction on the use of the disbursed funds. 

Cash can be used for personal use, trade or both.  The required blocking mechanism is pre-advice SWIFT MT799 followed by SWIFT MT760.  Consultant commissions are 2% (1% CLOSED) paid and protected by the monetizer.



We can provide a purchased or leased instrument that will accept deferred payment for 30 days with a .50% down payment/deposit then be paid out via non-recourse monetization within 20 days.   

The purchase price for a BG/SBLC is 40+2.  The lease price is 8+2. 

For example,

lease a 100M BG at the 8+2 price (10M) with only .50% down payment (500K). 

Then get it monetized at 48% LTV (48M) to pay off the total lease price of 10M, netting 38% (38M) in this example for leased instrument.



The instrument provider and the monetizer are independent of each other although they work together.  Investors are free to buy or lease an instrument without monetizing and vice versa. 

Finally, we also have several trade programs available for those investors that wish to go into trade with cash or even acceptable qualified bank instruments.

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